FireTV Models

Which Fire Stick Model Should I Choose?

Presently there are four models of Firestick to choose from. The main differences generally are processing power, RAM, resolution output and remote control. Note that the prices listed are retail pricing as of Q1 2022. Check out our shop to purchase directly from us removing all of the hassle!

(2021) Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Firstly, the newest and most expensive is the Fire TV Stick 4K Max at 54.99. This Firestick boasts Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, 4K streaming, a fast and powerful processor, 2gigs of RAM and remote control that controls your TV power and volume.

(2018) Fire TV Stick 4K

Secondly, if you’re not concerned about Wi-Fi 6 but still want to stream in 4K, the Fire TV Stick, 4K with a slightly older processor and 1.5gigs of RAM, is 49.99.

A point often overlooked is that you do not need a 4K TV or a 4K streaming service to use these Firesticks. Because they come with a better processor and more RAM, they run faster and give you a smoother user experience than HD Firesticks.

(2020) Fire TV Stick (HD 3rd gen)

Thirdly, if 4K viewing is not high on your priority list but controlling your TV with the same remote is, then the Fire TV Stick is 39.99 and gives a maximum resolution output of full HD in 1080p.

(2020) Fire TV Stick Lite

And finally, the cheapest Firestick is the Fire TV Stick Lite at 29.99 and also streams in full HD. The difference is that the remote doesn’t have the functions to power or change the volume of your TV.