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Live Net TV for FireStick: An Overview

Run the app and if it says a new update is available, go ahead and install the new version. New versions of any app serve you better.

The following image shows the home screen of the Live Net TV app on FireStick. As you see, various live TV categories are laid out in the form of tabs on the top. When you click a category, the related channels populate in the area below.

There are nearly a dozen categories including Entertainment, Canada, News, Sports, Movies, Portugal, German, etc.

how to use live net tv on fire stick

It is evident that the app design isn’t very well planned. The categories are all mixed up. Genre, language and countries are all placed together. Nevertheless, the core job of any live TV app is to provide access to the live TV channels and Live Net TV does this job well.

There are more than a hundred channels across all the categories. You will find channels in various languages and from many countries.

If you are looking for any channel, in particular, there is the search option on the top right. Right next to the search option is the icon for Video on Demand (VOD). This means the Live Net TV app also doubles as an on-demand app. But, it is primarily an IPTV app, and the VOD collection is very limited. VOD stuff has only been recently added. You might see more content in the future.

Explore the app and you will discover much new and exciting stuff here.

How to Access Live Net TV on FireStick

A lot of my readers ask how to access the apps they have installed on FireStick. So, I have decided to create a separate section for it.

If you can’t see Live Net TV on FireStick home-screen, it means you have more apps than the home-screen can accommodate. You will find all other apps in Your Apps & Channels. To go there, long-press the Home option on your FireStick remote. Wait for the new popup menu that appears as a full-screen window after few seconds. Click Apps on the menu to go to the list of your apps.

Any new app will go to the bottom of the apps’ list. So, navigate to the last row to find the Live Net TV.

If you plan to use Live Net TV frequently on FireStick, you would like to see its icon on the home screen instead. Any app can be moved to the home screen. Go to Your Apps & Channels, select the Live Net TV app icon, press the menu button on your remote (3 horizontal lines), and click Move on the bottom right of the pop-up menu on your TV.