Fully Loaded Firestick Cube (4K HDR)

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✔ Every Movie ever made including Movie Theater, Current and Old Releases

✔ Every TV Show Episode and every Season, on demand or live at your leisure

✔ Every Premium Network including Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, HBO and more!

✔ Every application available such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more!

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✔ Unlimited Sporting Events

✔ Youtube

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✔ LIVE TV like USA, Lifetime, Discovery, TLC, AMC, H&G, Bravo, & Many Many More

✔ Auto updating and auto-installing applications, No need to ever worry about paying for an update!You wont beat this price! 

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  • Fully Jailbroken & Equipped With The NEWEST & LATEST  KODI, And Fully Loaded Ultimate Luxury Wizard Build Including Cinema TV Serving The Best & Most Variety of Add-Ons!
  • Brand New (Only Opened To Install Jailbroken Applications. The Firestick Is Repackaged And Completely Sealed)
  • Comes With Step-By-Step Beginners User Guide That No One Else Offers!!




Please note that although this is a recommended alternative to cable, it is also a stream-based platform, which means that videos are being streamed from a live host (When Watching Live TV) on a Peer-To-Peer base which requires you to have a High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet Connection Or Hotspot to avoid any continuous interruptions. Also please note that when trying to view Live TV that some streams may not initially work when you select them, or they may take two tries (clicks) to work. Let’s get started.



What if I don’t have an Amazon account?

You don’t need one. It is already pre-registered with a generic Amazon account. If you wish to create or use your own Amazon account you may. Just simply unregister the existing account and register yours. No settings or applications will be affected.

Will I still be able to use the stock applications?

Yes. You can still use the Fire TV Stick as it was meant to be. Applications like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV can all be used although you will have to have paid registered accounts for these services.

Will I still be able to update the Firestick/Does It Auto Update?

Yes. The Firestick does auto update and it will not affect the added software. It is also safe to manually update the software if you wish.

Is this the best alternative to paying for cable? Should I disconnect my service?

It really depends on what you watch on cable and how much you watch. Yes you can cut down and save tons as there is a lot of FREE content that is perfect for people that don’t mind waiting a day or even a couple hours after their favorite TV Show(s) episode has been aired. Yes you can view Up-To-Date TV Shows and Movies that MAY still be in theaters   however, as stated above Live TV favors heavily on your internet connections and the available sources. You can get A LOT of content for free, but not all.

Should I Get A VPN?

I recommend getting a VPN service such as IPVanish as it hides your real IP Address so ISP’s cannot snoop around and monitor/throttle your connection and speed based on what you’re streaming. However it is not required to use the add-on applications.


If you have any more questions or concerns either before or after you have purchased the product please use the contact button. We will be glad to assist in any manner!

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