Install Syncler Package (Free Syncler Setup)

Before using Syncler, you must install a provider package even if you intend to use it with Real Debrid.

Syncler allows two types of packages: Kosmos and Express. Kosmos works with the free version of the app. The Express packages are restricted to Syncler+, which is the premium version. The Express packages are superior to Kosmos.

The free packages are usually not reliable. You may run into buffering and crashing. Therefore, you should use Syncler with Real Debrid. I have provided the steps to use Real Debrid with Syncler in the next section.

Let’s first learn how to install the free packages:

1. Open Syncler and press the back button several times to bring up the menu bar on the left. Click Settings in the menu bar.

how to install syncler on firestick

2. Next, click Provider Packages in the menu on the right.

click provider packages

3. Click Kosmos.

download kosmos

4. You should see a popup with a code.

install link provider package for syncler

5. Browse to on your PC or phone and enter the authorization code. Click Next.

enter the code

6. Now, enter this URL:

Click Next.

kosmos source provider package for syncler app

7. Return to FireStick and click DONE on this prompt.

click done

8. You should see the package added.

syncler on firestick

Connect Real-Debrid Account to Syncler on FireStick 

You can use the following instructions to integrate Real-Debrid with Syncler.

1. Click Settings in the left menu and select Accounts on the right.

how to install syncler on firestick

2. Click Real-Debrid.

click real debrid

3. A popup displays the authorization code for Real Debrid. Go to to authorize Real Debrid with this code.

how to install syncler on firestick

After you log in to your Real-Debrid account, you’ll get a message stating that the application is allowed. In addition, your Syncler interface will show a notification confirming the integration of your Real-Debrid account.