How To Install & Use Kodi On Firestick

Install using the file in our private server link.

Move Kodi to Firestick Home Screen

1. Click shortcut to the left of gear icon to open page that displays all Firestick apps.

choose apps to move kodi on firestick to home screen

2. Highlight Kodi and press the menu button on your Firestick remote. Choose Move.

click move

3. Move Kodi to the top of your apps list and click to drop the Kodi icon. Click to launch Kodi.

move kodi on firestick to top of your apps list

4. Click continue.

click continue for kodi on firestick installation

5. Click Allow for Kodi to record audio.

click allow for kodi to record audio

6. Click Allow for Kodi to access storage.

click allow again for kodi on firestick allow storage

7.  Kodi is now ready to be used on your Amazon Firestick, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, or Fire TV Television!

how to install kodi on firestick home screen