Fire Programming Guide – Jailbreak Your Own Device


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Did you know:

Jailbreaking Fire devices is much easier than most people think. In fact, there is actually no such thing as a JailBroken Firestick!

What we are actually doing is side-loading a set of android based apps to enable functionality not normally present.

Since we have been in the computer and IT field since the mid 80’s, we are actually very familiar with truly jailbreaking devices. Those include game systems and cell phone devices where the actual operating system is modified and replaced or security bypassing hardware is installed within the circuitry of that device. With Android devices and streaming, there is no such thing. No changes are made to any copyrighted content or hardware by the manufacturer.

And yes, side-loading apps is legal! It is up to you to stream/download content that you own or is public domain.

Purchase this product to receive a step-by-step guide for jailbreaking your own fire device. Convenient download locations for all needed software is included.

Setting up a new device typically takes about 15 minutes for us, but we have done thousands over the past several years. Expect to spend about 30-45 minutes to read through and take your time.

If you run into any snags, feel free to message us for basic questions.

Worse case scenario, you can upgrade to our remote programming service for us to finish the job.

Please note that our installation guide and all content on our site has an intellectual copyright and is not to be distributed. All downloads are tracked by IP address to avoid file sharing.

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